Thermal Batteries are extremely reliable, they have a very long maintenance free shelf life and with developing chemistries improving performance thermal batteries are the ideal solution for reserve power and energy in all air, space and defence applications.

Our thermal batteries are ideal for smart munitions and artillery applications (mortars, artillery shell, etc.) thanks to our unique “g-Striker” mechanism which activates the battery using reactive forces from the launch acceleration. Research programs on thin film technology provide significant advantage of miniaturization and yet more application in this arena.

Thermal batteries can be designed with more than one power output, thus giving the design engineer the ability to power several different systems with the same single battery. This innovation allows for the multi-purpose use of the battery, reducing weight and saving space, while enhancing the performance of the weapon and its mission

Some applications require reliable almost instantaneous activation e.g. ejector seats other applications can tolerate longer activation times, 1 to 2 sec but require high specific powers e.g. emergency backup power for aircraft, including helicopters and drones (UAVs) whatever, APS can deliver your requirements.

Thermal batteries can be connected in parallel and series to make full battery systems. Examples of applications are Thrust Vector Control and Divert and Attitude actuators for space applications. The high power performance combined with the simplicity of use make thermal batteries the best solution for powering the new generation of actuators.

Applications are not limited to high power. New technologies now enable thermal batteries to operate and provide power for over one hour. This longevity works well for emergency backup situations that can be used for aircraft, beacons, radios, decoys, underwater applications or parachute drop control systems.


ASB Group’s hermetic seals and connector capability enable APS to supply specific interface solutions over the full range of batteries; brackets, flanges and standard connectors can be directly integrated into the battery header thus providing a “plug and forget” power source, easily and safely integrated into your final assembly. Contact APS for special system integration needs.




The Thermal Battery represents an important field

of research where power and complete safety is required.